Stainless steel composite guide roller

Product Description

Guide for heavy fabrics of normal strength and precision. (Guangtai guide roller P grade)
It is suitable for guiding fabrics of common fabrics and wide fabrics with high strength and high precision. (Guangtai guide roller Y grade)
Suitable for high-strength and high-precision swimwear cloth, elastic cloth, lace and other low-tension ultra-thin and ultra-thin knitted fabrics. (Guangtai guide roller grade G)

technical parameter

Nominal width Grades and Specifications
>2000-2800mm Grade G/Φ102, Φ125
>3000-3400mm Grade G/Φ125, Φ150
>3600-4000mm Grade G/Φ150, Φ180
>4200-6000mm Grade G/Φ180, Φ200